Monday, February 23, 2015

Just Updated! Where's the Outrage! The U.S. and Canada have 35 Terrorist Training Camps!

Al-Shabaab targets young vulnerable men across Scandinavia, inviting them to embrace jihad and become suicide bombers in Somalia. Seeking a sense of belonging, and encouraged by preachers on online videos, a group of Danish Muslims gathers in a small Copenhagen apartment and makes plans. When one man doubts the cause and sees his friends planning carnage, can he escape the call of al-Shabaab? If so, what next?
Link to the Guardian News - which allowed for embedding.

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In a marquee in Mogadishu, the newly graduated doctors are being celebrated. There are dressed up people everywhere and up on the stage stand the young graduates, in full gala dresses, overlooking the crowd. Down below them, in the front row, a young man is taking pictures. He is there as a journalist, to cover the happy event. No one in the marquee knows that this young journalist is Abdi Rahman from Denmark. Nor that he, in just a few seconds, will blow himself up and take several young doctors with him in the blast.

Warriors from the North is about young Somali-Scandinavian men, who leave their comfortable everyday life here in Scandinavia to become fighters, and perhaps even suicide bombers, in Somalia – one of the most dangerous and impoverished places in the world.